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Benefits of buying Organic baby Clothes

Hey Best of Health followers:

Just finished a great Blog on my other blog site “Your Life Your Foods” about the benefits to buying organic cotton products and Organic baby clothes. Well worth a look for the benefit of your health and your childrens health.

Here is the link to my Blog:

I really hope you like the article.

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Green Coffee Review

Raw Organic Goji Berries from Live Superfoods

Good morning again from Best of Health:

Benefits of green coffee

Benefits of green coffee

Today I was looking around on the web and green coffee kept coming up. Interesting topic I thought. I know Dr Oz has done a program on the subject and done some research. He studied more than 100 women and ran the experiment for two weeks. The results- Women taking the green coffee bean extract lost around 2 pound (907g) , the women taking an inactive pill only lost 1 pound (453g).

Mmmm, why so close? All of the participants kept themselves a food journal, which probably made both groups more aware of what they were eating those weeks, “More aware of their diet”. But after this Dr oz suggestion for the intake of the green coffee bean extract was 400 milligrams, 3 times a day, which is a little higher than the high dose in an Indian study.

Although there seems to be no side effects from taking the extracts, there have been no long term studies on safety done yet. They also do not take into consideration people suffering from illness such as, heart disease, or those taking prescribed medication.

Try to always buy a reputable brand such as GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol with at least 45% chlorogenic acid. Avoid brands with lots of filters or artificial ingredients.

Green coffee bean

Green coffee bean

Some of the Benefits of green coffee are:

  • Weight Loss – green coffee has been proven to be effective for weight loss. ( Study by Oryza Oil & Fat chemical co. Ltd, Japan)
  • Diabetes – Consumption of green coffee can also be beneficial for diabetes. (Study at Helwan university in Cairo, Published in the ” Journal of American Science” revealed the consumption of green tea decreased blood glucose levels and insulin in diabetic rats. Research was on coffee and tea in relation to the chlorogenic acid content in both green coffee and green tea.

So maybe enjoy a cup of green coffee for something different or for the health benefits, maybe lose some weight? I know I love a cup of green tea, and there are many known benefits to that. Enjoy.


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Where do you get your protein?

This is a question I get asked all of the time. If you don’t eat meat you can’t be getting your protein, they say. I get tired of trying to explain this over and over, and then they still don’t believe you. Anyway I came across this video and this guy really explains this so well I thought I would post this for everyone to see. Great explanation I thought.


Your Life Your foods



Your Life Your Foods Blog Site.

Hello again from Eat well Look Fantastic, I hope you are all feeling fantastic and getting into those healthy foods?

I have just started another Blog page called that I though you might be interested in taking a look at.

So if you get the chance pop on over and let me know what you think.

I have also just started a 4 day colon cleanse today which I will be following up with a C.A.B.A.L.A  juice  fast. I am using the Tyler Tolman 4 day Colon Cleanse product, I have used it about 3 or 4 times before. Great product and easy to use.

4 Day Tyler Tolman Colon Cleanse

4 Day Tyler Tolman Colon Cleanse

So if your interested you can get this over at  & the CABALA juice recipe is here: 

I don’t make anything from promoting this product I just believe they are great products that can help people get healthy and stay healthy. Plus I believe the message that Tyler and his father Don are spreading about health and foods are so beneficial to this world.

This book written and researched by Don Tolman is absolutely full of wisdom and information on natural healing and ancient wisdom. I have the copy of this book and it is worth every cent paid.   The Farmacist Desk Reference.


Raw Caramel Slice recipe

Hello Once again from Eat Well Look Fantastic. Found this great recipes for a healthy snack. Raw Caramel Slice, how good does that sound? Anyway here it is, try it out.

Raw Caramel Slice:

½ cup Medjool dates
1 ½ cups almonds
1 tsp vanilla essence

½ cup tahini
½ cup maple syrup
¼ cup coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
Large pinch Himalayan salt

Chocolate topping
3-4 tbsp raw cacao
1 tsp carob powder
3-4 tbsp coconut sugar or agave syrup
½ cup coconut oil

Grind dates and almonds in blender. Add vanilla until sticky and then press into rectangular dish greased in coconut oil. Blend caramel ingredients together and pour over biscuit base and set in
the freezer for 20 minutes. While slice is setting, melt coconut oil for chocolate crunch topping and then add all other ingredients and stir well. Let cool for 5 minutes and then pour topping over slice
and place back in freezer to set again. Cut into small squares to serve. Makes 15.

So remember to Eat Well and Look Fantastic!

Raw Caramel


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