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Are You Really Going To Drink That?

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Hello Best of Health Followers:

I came across this book today, very interesting facts about why we should be using some sort of water filter when drinking water.

Here it is: 

A drinking water filter may be the best investment you can make in your family’s health. The problem is, which kind should you get? The choices can be pretty confusing. It seems like not a week goes by when we aren’t bombarded by reports of some new environmental hazard that threatens our family’s health. Are you really going to drink that water?

A drinking water filter may be the best investment you can make in your family’s health. The problem is, which kind should you get? The choices can be pretty confusing.

It seems like not a week goes by when we aren’t bombarded by reports of some new environmental hazard that threatens our family’s health. Many of these stories pertain to the water we must have to live. Maybe you have been thinking about a water filter but are a little overwhelmed by all the choices. How do you know which one you really need?

I won’t waste your time. I know you want a simple, instant solution for how to pick the best water filter and I can give you just that.

Specifically, you’ll discover…

* Why 46 million Americans are drinking water contaminated with this…Page 10

* What common tap water component has been linked to bladder cancer…Page 11

* Are you letting your children drink Nuclear Waste?…Page 12

* What tap water contaminant killed almost 100 people in Wisconsin in 1993…Page 12

* Why municipal water treatment can’t control the #1 health threat to US children…Page 14

* What dangerous contaminant did the EPA refuse to ban in 2003?…Page 15

* What tap water contaminant causes 168 deaths per year in the US?…Page 16

* Why most bottled water is exempt from FDA standards…Page 18.

* What is the main factor in determining how well a filter removes contaminants from your water?…Page 23

* The pros and cons of a Reverse Osmosis water filter…Page 30

* What common activity is thought to be responsible for a huge increase in childhood asthma, and what you can do about it…Page 35

* How to properly size a whole house water filter…Page 39

* The best ways to remove specific common contaminants from your family’s water Once the relevant term of copyright for a work has expired, the work falls into the supply…Page 40

* And lots more…

You will learn about the different types of home water filters and water filtration systems. Each main type of filter system has its own chapter which covers the potential benefits, possible drawbacks and what to look for to make sure you get the cleanest water at the best price for your family’s health.

The book winds up with some select recommendations on specific brands I have used in both my professional career as a Master Plumber and in my own home to make sure my family has clean water.

If you want to cut through the hype surrounding the water filter industry and find out how to choose the best water filter for your home this book makes things a lot easier. Be sure to leave your feedback and let me know what you think.


Bryan Stevens
Master Plumber

So, Check out the eBook, very cheap to purchase. Just click on the picture to take you through to “Are YOu Really Going To Drink That” At Amazon.Com Bookstore. If you are looking for any Water Filtration Systems then check out:


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Are you really going to drink that water?

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Health benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hello Again Best of Health followers:

I was looking at a post in regards to pesticides and Herbicides that are on most non organic produce these days. It is scary to think how much of this we are probably consuming on a day to daily basis. These poisons going into our systems and doing all sorts of damage to our bodies. And we wonder why people are getting sicker and sicker these days, with so many allergies to foods.

Well one way of cleaning of the chemicals from your fruits and veggies is to actually soak them and wash them in Apple Cider Vinegar and water for 10 to 20 minutes. This will help remove the chemicals from the fruit and veggies.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

This takes a little time and effort, but well worth it for your health. It is good for any foods that you plan on eating the skin of, such as spinach, apples, Kale, Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, Pears etc. I use about 1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in enough water to fill  a good sized bowl or tub.

Scrub with Apple Cider Vinegar

Scrub with Apple Cider Vinegar

Let the fruit or Veggies sit in the water/ACV for 10 to 20 minutes and also give them a good scrub with a dedicated scrubbing brush. Do not use this brush for anything else.

Then rinse off under water after this. I rinse under my filtered water outlet so as not to add other contaminants such as Chlorine, Fluoride, heavy metals from normal tap water.
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Always use the Raw Organic ACV that still has the “Mother” of the vinegar. The “Mother” is made up of the strand like enzymes of connected protein molecules with living nutrients and bacteria. 

Other Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are:

  • There are studies that have shown ACV to be able to kill cancer cells or slow their growth.
  • It can help regulate blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol
  • Rich in potassium. Potassium is a key factor for growth, building muscles, transmission of nerve impulses & Heart activity.
  • May help improve bowel irregularity and helps remove toxins from the body at a faster rate.
  • It can also help clear up skin conditions.

The usual preparation for drinking the ACV is 1 to 2 Tablespoons in a glass of water per day, in the morning. This will also help with Digestion.

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Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Disclaimer – Due to the lack of supporting research, apple cider vinegar cannot be recommended for treatment or prevention of any health problems. Also, please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or healthcare provider before taking any home remedies or supplements. I’m just sharing my experience and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another