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Don Tolman-Whole in one Organics

Good morning Your Life Your Foods followers:

Amazing day today, sun is actually shining after so many raining days. I need my sunshine!

Colon Cleanse-Don Tolman

Colon Cleanse – Don Tolman

Some of you may have heard of a man called Don Tolman. Don is an amazing man filled with information about healing with foods, Ancient healing methods, Ancient wisdom. Don has spent all of his life in search of answers on health and healing, studying different cultures and people around the globe. Don still lectures around the world helping to heal people from sickness and sometimes life threatening illness. His work with cancer patients is documented, Don has written some great books filled with information on health, foods and healing. I have personally attended Dons talks and his course’s, learning invaluable information to carry me through my lifetime.

Cabala 28 day juice fast pack

Cabala juice 28 day Fast Pack

You may have read or heard of the “Farmacist Desk reference” books? Filled with useful information about every food group and how they can heal our bodies.

Well now Don has given everyone the opportunity to become part of this movement, and everyone the opportunity to benefit financially if they choose to do so.

Don Tolman-Whole in one Organics  gives you the opportunity to try Dons products yourself or to get involved and benefit from the sale of these products with your very own personal website, ready to go and free to join. NO COST! 

Some of the products and categories on the website are:

  • Juice Bar
  • Pulse
  • Personal Care
  • Colon Cleanse
  • Sacred Oil & Joule of Thor
  • Snacks
  • Books
  • E-Books
  • CD’s/DVDs
  • Consultations
  • Posters
  • Sportswear
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Salt
  • Crystal Carillon

So you can see, Don covers a lot of subjects and products, all to do with your health and wellbeing.

I personally have become a member and joined up, because I believe in Dons information and message and I have personally tried his products. But you do not have to join, you can just buy and enjoy the products on offer.

So if you are keen to make a difference to your life and the lives of others, then take a look at this website, check out the information, watch the attached video and make an informed decision. There may be an opportunity here for you to change your life. I hope you enjoy.



Your Life Your Foods Blog Site.

Hello again from Eat well Look Fantastic, I hope you are all feeling fantastic and getting into those healthy foods?

I have just started another Blog page called that I though you might be interested in taking a look at.

So if you get the chance pop on over and let me know what you think.

I have also just started a 4 day colon cleanse today which I will be following up with a C.A.B.A.L.A  juice  fast. I am using the Tyler Tolman 4 day Colon Cleanse product, I have used it about 3 or 4 times before. Great product and easy to use.

4 Day Tyler Tolman Colon Cleanse

4 Day Tyler Tolman Colon Cleanse

So if your interested you can get this over at  & the CABALA juice recipe is here: 

I don’t make anything from promoting this product I just believe they are great products that can help people get healthy and stay healthy. Plus I believe the message that Tyler and his father Don are spreading about health and foods are so beneficial to this world.

This book written and researched by Don Tolman is absolutely full of wisdom and information on natural healing and ancient wisdom. I have the copy of this book and it is worth every cent paid.   The Farmacist Desk Reference.


Eating Well, Cleansing and Detoxing

Well there are many different points of view on the best ways to Detox and cleanse our bodies. Eating well is a major step in helping our bodies to stay healthy and heal plus build up our immune system. Staying away from all processed foods is another good thing to do, I don’t believe there is really any goodness comes from anything that has been processed and packaged. If you do buy these packaged products please read the labels thoroughly, if you don’t know what the words are or what they mean then best not buy them. You should be able to read the package and understand everything that is in the product.

There are a lot of different detox programs and products out on the market, different ways to cleanse your digestive system and colon. I have tried a few different ways myself, one I have had good results with is made by a company call Conscious lifestyler. It is a 4 day colon cleanse which is amazing for your body. The Colon Cleanse is a mixture of Organic Flaxseed, Organic Oats and Organic Psyllium. This mixture will rid the toxic residues that have been building up in your colon over time. The mucoid plaque, when left in the colon, makes it difficult to absorb certain nutrition from your food as it lines and clogs the digestive wall, causing backup, disease and sickness in your body. Bentonite Clay has a very profound affect of absorbing chemicals (such as aluminium and mercury), pesticides, herbicides and heavy toxic metals. It leeches it out of your body into your colon and then binds with the fiber, therefore enabling your body to release the many different toxins out your backdoor 🙂

I then followed this colon cleanse with a 26 day raw food diet, not tea’s, coffee, dairy, sugars, just raw foods and water. This is a fantastic clean out for your whole system and gives your Digestive system a well deserved break as well. Fresh organic fruits and veggies everyday & good clean filtered or Spring water. Also during this time I will add in fresh juices made daily, full of nutrients and goodness for your body.



Another method that really helps this detox process is colonic irrigation, I know, it sounds horrible but it is really not that bad. This process helps remove any build up of old “crap” in your colon, plus removes the toxins that are being removed during the healing process. If you are getting any symptoms while fasting this can help get rid of those symptoms or at least relieve them. Very interesting process but reaps some major benefits for your body. Just Google your local area and you will find someone that does it. Make sure they are reputable though.

When I make my juices I will mix fruits with greens, this tasted amazing. For instance, I will put through apples, oranges, watermelon, kale, spinach, carrots & sometimes some ginger. That is one of my blends. Everybody in my house loves this blend, sweet but full of goodness. Love using Kale and spinach in my juices.

Early morning Yoga Class

Early morning Yoga Class

Last year I went to Bali and did a 7 day juice fast retreat, that was an amazing experience also. Great group of like minded people. First time I had attempted 7 days on juice and water but found it really easy. Each day we learnt new things about the principles of life and how to implement them, then we did some extreme adventures such as, white water rafting, visiting the Bali Green school, Hot volcanic pools, drumming lessons, Zumba classes & yoga classes every day. At no time did I feel hungry or lack energy. It felt amazing.

Bali Sungazing

Early morning Sungazing in Bali

Juicing in Bali

Juicing in Bali

I would highly recommend doing some type of cleanse at least once per year but 3 or 4 times a year would be better. Cleansing can also be about eating the right types of foods depending on what you are trying to heal. There have been a number of books written in regards to foods that heal, but the most thorough one that I have found was written by a guy called Don Tolman. He spent 17 years travelling the world researching different cultures and their life styles. Ask the questions, why are these people living such long and healthy lives? Discovering the answers to these questions and putting them into a collection of books called The Farmacist Desk Reference. I have put together more on these topics on my website Eat Well Look Fantastic if you are interested. Thats 

Bali Temple

Bali Temple