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USAF Enviromental Specialist Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrail Chemicals

Came across this amazing informative video on Chemtrails. Please take the time to watch this. This is real, not some conspiracy theory!

They are trying to make out it is all just conspiracy madness, but it is not!!!! So much information out there now on this subject.

We need to wake up and stop this madness. Why, why why are they doing this to us. Please forward this to as many people as you can before its too late.

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Genetically modified foods

Well this blog site is about your health so I believe this documentary is very relevant to our health! What is going on around the world in relation to laws being passed and GMO foods and crops spreading through this beautiful world of ours is terrifying, to put it lightly.

If this is allowed to grow and continue where are we going to end up? What are our children and their children going to be left with? It is scary, for me anyway. We as a people ¬†of planet earth need to keep it safe, it is up to us a citizens of this planet to stop large corporations from poisoning us. They are not looking out for our best interest’s! Only lining their pockets. The big march against Monsanto was held the other day, a great step forward by the people. The innocent voice of the people of planet earth needs to be heard, and loudly.

Not with violence but with peaceful march’s like the other day, this helps to raise the awareness on this planet. A lot of the people are asleep to what is happening to them. Distractions are placed in front of them, each day. TV, manipulated news, movies, advertising to name a few, keep them looking the other way while these corporation go about their business. Don’t let it get to the stage that it cannot be reversed. So please sit back and take a good look at this documentary, for your sake and your childrens.