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About Me

Well a little about me. This is really a new journey for me, getting into online information and online marketing and selling. I started this journey about 4 years ago after battling a thyroid problem for many years. I decided to look into alternate options for healing my body. I found a person who had that information for me, as they say, when the student is ready the Teacher will appear. I turned 50 last year (2012) So a bit of a late starter. I spent 46 years not looking after my body and paying the price. So my message is “Start Now!” Don’t leave it too long or until its too late.

This particular person showed me a way that I could heal my body just using good whole foods. I decided then and there to throw away my medication and give foods a go. I stopped eating any form of meat, did a colon cleanse, then did a 30 day raw food diet. This was to get me started. I have since done more cleanses, juice fasts & probably swung back and forth a few times over the 4 years from very healthy eating to some not so healthy eating. But…. I have not taken medication for my thyroid for 4 years so something is working.

I really want to continue this path, learning more and more about alternate health and healing, but to do this I really needed to create another income to one day give me the freedom and time to do this full time, to travel and meet more wonderful, educated, enlighten human beings. Hence the online marketing venture. Still learning, not an easy thing to learn but getting there.

So I hope you enjoy my posts. Some posts are for information and yes some are products I am selling. I am using safe sites such as Clickbank & Amazon to sell through, so all secure if you decide to buy through me, I hope you do.

Thanks taking the time to read this.


Brisbane Qld Australia.

Profile Pic 2012

Profile Pic 2012

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey – I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award! Thanks for blogging and sharing your wisdom and experiences with us… keep up the great work!

  2. I must voice my passion for your generosity supporting those who require help with this theme. Your special commitment to passing the message up and down turned out to be amazingly powerful and have really enabled people just like me to get to their aims. Your amazing useful instruction signifies a great deal a person like me and even further to my office workers. With thanks; from everyone of us.

  3. cool, good on you. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well

  4. Bill – thanks for stopping by my blog and “liking” several articles. Looks like we are using the same template – as they say “Great Minds Think Alike!!!”

  5. Oh by the way, thank you for stopping by my blog! I am just getting it started up again. Blessings to you!

  6. Bill….
    Awesome story and so glad you are sharing it….
    My mother, who is now almost 65, was told she had a thyroid problem in her 50s.
    She analyzed everything she was putting into her body….including diet cokes, chips and cookies….
    She eliminated all of these and the thyroid problem cleared up immediately…no pills…just good ole whole foods as thine healing medicine….
    I don’t have to say this, but I will….
    We somehow got the notion that all we do is ask for a pill and poof it works like magic….and all we’ve done is make the drug companies rich…..
    We have tried to override the natural mechanisms that heal us.
    Hopefully, the tide is changing, and can with more stories like yours out there.
    My hats off to you…keep up the good work!
    Best, Danielle @

    • Thank you for leaving a comment I do appreciate reading these stories. I know how your mother would have felt. Pleased she has thrown the pills away. Don’t know if you have visited my other blog? Blogging about health and organic stuff also. maybe check it out as well

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