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The iPad

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Smaller, Thinner, but Better

            A trend with today’s technological advancements is that devices are getting smaller and smaller. Think about it, laptops were first introduced followed by the net book and then the ultra book. Cellular phones were also affected by this trend. Phones in the 1980s era are bigger than today’s landline phones. Even the simplest things like the contents of a bag are affected by this trend. Many gadgets and devices are created smaller than the previous generation. Also, gadgets and devices are combined with one another to produce a single gadget which can function as several gadgets. One such gadget is Apple’s iPad.

The iPad is a cross between a laptop and a smart phone. The laptop aspect of this device can be seen through its connectivity with Wi-Fi, its ability to store media, and its ability to create and edit documents and other files. Basically, the fundamental uses of the laptop can be done on this device. The smart phone aspect of the device can be seen through the device’s capability to use 3G and 4G connectivity to connect to the internet. It is also capable of text and call functions depending on the model purchased. Furthermore, it is capable of running all applications found in the app store.

Another primary purpose of the iPad is to function as an e-book reader. The iPad is capable of reading every e-book provided that they are of a known file type.  This means that there will be no need to bring several books to school or to work. Less books means more space in the bag and other storage areas. Of course, reading from a screen can be tiring to the eyes especially if done for extended periods of time. Therefore, it is advised to take a 15 minute break every 1 or 2 hours of reading on the iPad.

Apple IPad

The iPad has already seen four generations since it was first released. Its development consisted of adding additional hardware to the device while making it faster and more portable. The latest generation of the iPad has cameras which can rival cameras found in smart phones. It also has the latest chipset and CPU which Apple has developed. This combination makes the iPad a very fast tablet, even rivalling the speed of quad-core smart phones. Finally, it was made thinner and lighter than the previous generations for better portability. The screen size, however, was retained for better reading and viewing purposes.

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